Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Browsers do better in Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 to RTM

First of all I am, I am one of Mauri and colleagues of the new blog, well, now that's what we need to know, then I will continue to throughout the article, but now that matters.

A few days ago were released several benchmarks that clearly indicated that Windows 7 RTM was "widely" better than its predecessor unappreciated, Windows Vista and loved by all, Windows XP. But as I characterized, once again ... I will be known for wearing against the widely to what our editor in chief (which jaja le di color!) I began to search and search until I found something interesting is I leave it to look.

Performances of almost all available web browsers

According to a series of tests conducted by Betanews found that the 5 most popular browsers are 13% faster on a Windows XP with Service Pack 3 that the final distribution of Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600) and 29% faster Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.

This tests did a Google Chrome 3 extra work in each iteration, especially when it comes to the development version (Developer Builds), in other words has a performance in relation to the power of about 19 sail together running Internet Explorer 7 Windows Vista SP2. Followed by Chrome, Safari 4 build 530.19 Apple has the next best score, while Firefox has fallen slightly behind.

According to Google released the latest beta version of Chrome for Windows PCs is 30% that the current stable version (with the V8 JavaScript engine and according to the SunSpider benchmark tests). It is the first version that adds support for HTML5 capabilities including video on the label, especially now with the acquisition On2 Technologies that could be the promise of choice of Google as HTML5 video codec, either to support or to Ogg Theora strengthen vp6.