Monday, August 24, 2009

Installing Ubuntu before or after you install Windows 7

As I have been seeing, what people look for is how to install Ubuntu before installing Windows 7, or install Ubuntu after Windows 7, so I made this post for this.

To install Ubuntu after Windows 7:

Having installed Windows 7

Having the Ubuntu Live Cd


If we turned on our PC, insert the Ubuntu CD and reboot.

Configramos the BIOS to boot from the CD. (Click here to see how to configure BIOS)

At boot disk, selccionamos Spanish language, and select install Ubuntu

to receive the welcome dialog, select the Spanish language again, we give below and select our time zone settings for ubuntu.

Welcome screen

the keyboard layout

select the keyboard layout

Change the size of Windows partition

data entry

Box to select the file import

Final Details

rate of installation

last reboot

Now enter the user details

data entry

if we have the files of 7 select the checkbox to continuació:

Box to select the file import

and finally we will receive the final details of the installation

Final Details

Begin the installation process

rate of installation

And finally, tell us to reboot

last reboot

And smart.

On the contrary:

Install Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu

Well, as you all know, before you install Windows 7 on a PC with Ubuntu installed, we must partition the disk, so it got from where you have the Ubuntu Live CD and start from there, try to boot Ubuntu without changing selecionados your computer.

Once you've booted the Live CD, we're going to System> Administration>> Gparted, where resize the hard drive (we must bear in mind that Windows recognizes the partitions by letters, not numbers, so if you resize the disk and 7, you're going to give 40GB for example, when installing Windows, you must find the partition that is commensurate with the size), and also put the new partition as FAT, (so Windows can recognize the)

We apply the changes and reboot.

We now introduce the DVD of Windows 7 and the time to install, select Advanced.

We selected the FAT partition that we made and we Delete, then, that raw space, we give in again, and select the NTFS file system.

We continue with the installation to finish.

Now we can not go to Ubuntu but to enter follow the instructions below:

Loading the livecd of ubuntu, open a terminal and type:

sudo grub

The sudo is important. I will not ask key

grub once write:

root (hd0, 0)

where hd0, 0 is the disk and partition where you currently ustala ubuntu. if ubuntu is on the first partition, it will be hd0, 0. if the second partition, it will be in hd0, 1. and so on.


setup (hd0)



and reboot. you will have your grub as before + windows.

if it is not windows from ubuntu you have to edit the grub menu.lst

type in a console in ubuntu

sudo gedit / boot / grub / menu.lst

Go down to the bottom of the list and type the following:

title Windows 7

root (hd0, 1)


chainloader +1

again, using (hd0, X) depending on where your windows partition.

And smart.