Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Official price of Windows 7

Microsoft has released prices and new operating system Windows 7 for full version sells at retail for the general public and also in upgrade mode.

Given the current crisis, Microsoft claims to have lowered the prices on Vista on a 8%, but only noticeable in the Premium version. An effort was also expected in the Ultimate version, the most powerful, but we must pay a $ 320, and Vista.

The official prices in retail, are 200, 300, 320 dollars for Home Premium, Business and Ultimate respectively. We pay for upgrades from XP or Vista, 120, 200 and 260 dollars for the different versions.

The buyers, who purchase a PC with S.O. Microsoft, starting June 26, get a free upgrade or a minimum price of Windows 7, no events to curb the selling of PCs to the exit of the new OS

The launch is confirmed for October 22, editions in English, Spanish, German, Netherlands, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Korean. On October 31, will leave for more languages.

OEM editions, for manufacturers who pre-install Windows 7 on their new computers, the price will be similar to Windows Vista.