Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows 7 RTM severe Bugs

Towards a benchmark that little had been done to even get Windows 7 not marketed very well, until they found a Bug (system failure) huge.

Beta and RC versions had been praised by many supporters of Windows and astonishment to many opponents of this, but now Microsoft is in Red Alert (Defcon 1, as will news of this) because it was a bug in the Windows RTM build 7600.13685, a very serious bug that threatens to launch atarazar it. This bug is related to the very present Chkdsk.exe.

When you perform a scan disk to a secondary (not a bootable partition or a secondary physical disk) using the parameter "/ r" (read and verify all data and information), the utility starts to consume memory so grotesque and quick we returned the famous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, the classic blue screen system error) and the system crashes, according to those who could put their hands in this latest build (only one other reported consumption of 98% of the memory but not the appearance of a BSOD).

BSOD (NIN's live show)
The bug has been confirmed in different types of hardware, from an Intel Atom running at up to 32-bit Intel Core 2 Duo 64-bit, some complaints were heard saying that Microsoft was guilty of the manufacturers and their drivers, but it seems who have not taken into account that the same error running on a VMware Workstation 6.5.2 in its version of 32-bits (a virtual machine for those who do not know it yet). The Explorer.exe, who handles this dichosa utility frees the memory taken by providing a drop more to the already overflowing cup.

The painful option of delaying the launch of the new operating system is one of the ways to make because Windows Vista does not have this error and seems to be resolved could take a long time (to repair the bugs in the Windows Home Server takes months to resolve), this would competitive advantage on the eternal, both Apple and Google take advantage of this situation, but could at least refrain to millions of users of this critical error. Also consider that this option would convert all disks and pre-recorded and sent to manufacturers in garbage instantly.

Apple and Google take advantage of his enemy hurt?
The other option would be to launch Windows 7 to the public knowing this error and attempt to resolve it with a future fix (hopefully near future), but this would open the door to an easily exploitable security flaw - just a simple user with access to the system could be to remove completely the OS easily.

A third option would be unlikely that Microsoft fix this quickly (in the coming weeks), without having to delay the launch or sell to the public with a faulty OS code. This is probably fanciful, as Microsoft continually famous that they were unable to get this failure (in their play test equipment) and remain with his theory that the error is in the hardware.