Saturday, August 22, 2009

Install Windows 7 and XP on a PC with Vista preinstalled!

Install XP, Vista and 7 RC easily

If you want to install the OS three of our colleague Bill Gates must follow these instructions:

You must have:

Preinstalled Vista Please note that is 32 bits
The installation disc for Windows XP

The installation of Windows 7


1. Vista is already installed, partitioning the disk into three parts, C: For Vista D: For 7 & E: For XP
2. 7 installs here but as you say the letter that you selected We gave earlier.
3. Select the font installed XP we gave when partitioning go (It is possible that when you install a drive letter to Change So you select the partition that is commensurate with the Size we gave to the partition would be for XP (Eg In step 1 we gave a laparticion that would be 10GB for XP, the same size must appear to the time Install XP) installed the first part of XP.
4. When XP says: will restart in x seconds of launch new and may not enter XP. Saying: Error Loading Operating System.
5. We took the CD and insert the XP or Vista instead of 7 and looking to install repair equipment.
6. Select the partition in Windows Vista and we will Comand Promnt O Console Comand Type: bootrec / fixmbr
7. Restart and go to Vista.
8. Create entry Bcdedit Link Here
9. And smart.

Enjoy all three operating systems.