Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brand new Windows 7: La Superba (R)

In Notes of technology we have decided to make a special containing all the latest highlights of Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system, so you can decide on October 22, the day goes on sale, if you go or not to buy .

In this first chapter we turn to the now famous Superbad. La Superba is the new name for the Start bar, from the Start button until the notification area, through the Quick Start and the Window List.

The new Superb has many new features. The main one is that the Quick Launch Window List and merge into a single item, the Task Bar.

As we can see in the image, various programs can be anchored to this bar, and depending on that we have open is displayed or not the label on the window.

However, to make everything even more customizable, we can give back to many factors, such as putting disable large icons and labels to get this result:

Both methods allow us to easily distinguish each program, but if this is difficult, we enjoy previews of the windows by placing the mouse over the desired icon. For example:

As a latest addition to the Task Bar, one highlights the JumpLists, which are shortcuts to some actions with the programs. Depending on the same, or may not be available. As we see in the image below, Messenger of support and have great utility (bottom right).

JumpLists To access the program must be running either anchored to the Taskbar, and we click on its icon. In the image, Messenger is anchored in the bar, but not running.

After the Taskbar, we focus on the Start button. Although there is very new, we can focus on three main.

First, and as the most defining feature, we have the quick actions, which support only certain programs, but we provide access to certain options. This is similar to JumpLists, but adapted to the programs from the list of most used Software:

Beyond that, we find more new secondary schools, as the off button (shown above), which acquires a label ( "Shutdown"), and a dropdown with more options, such as Standby, Log Off, Switch User ...

Finally, a new animation Start button, which is the left image.

Well, after the Start and Taskbar, there remains only the notification area. Along with the usual icons (network, volume, clock, battery status ...) there is a new one, the Show Desktop in the back of the bar. Furthermore, we found the system icons (notifications) and software such as antivirus, firewall ...

As a culmination of this area, and the entire Superbad, we Aero Peek, who is a preview of the desktop and all open windows, shown in a semi-transparent, as shown in the picture below. To get the Aero Peek preview no more than leave the mouse cursor over the button "Show Desktop" in the Notification Area.

This is all remarkable about the Superbad. In future articles we will see developments with respect to software included by default in Windows 7, or the new Activity Center and the Control Panel, and much more.

First of all, I hope this review is your pleasure and help you to familiarize yourself with the operating system goes on sale shortly.