Monday, August 24, 2009

Should you change windows xp for windows 7?

With the recent release of version release candidate of Windows 7, much has been written and discussed what can be done from that Microsoft offers, for free, the download of this version that will run for at least one year (until July 2010). Several questions and some comments are:

Where the low and how do I install?

You have to enter the manufacturer's site and on "Products" select Windows. Here comes the tab of Windows 7 (the league is too long to publish here). You select the type of architecture (32 or 64 bit) and language. To make it simple and have no major problems, the 32-bit works on almost any PC. After the download, which will take several hours if it has the typical Internet connection in Mexico, you get a. ISO, you have to "burn" on a blank disc. The process is more or less straightforward and your PC may already have the required software. To check, just double click the file with ISO termination.

Is it compatible with my PC?

Since you have the disk, insert it into the PC and run the option "Install". Do not worry, nothing will happen. Before you decide to install or not, is an option of "Check Compatibility" tab, select it. Open a Web page, will ask permission to download a program, say yes and wait patiently for Windows 7 review all your hardware. It is important to remember that the best results are obtained if at that time has connected all the peripherals you plan to use.

Will my programs?

The general answer is: probably yes. So far my experience is that everything worked smoothly. Either way, if you use some very exotic or specialized program, contact the manufacturer will be essential to know if actually works or not in Windows 7. Traditionally as Office suites and other, safe work.

If not I install it, what happens?

Nothing happens. That is, continue to use Windows XP or some version of Windows Vista and when they finally release Windows 7 by the manufacturer may decide whether to acquire or not. Either way, the process of checking if your PC is compatible, it will be more or less similar.

What about my data?

Very important point: when installing from scratch (ie, formatting the disk) any operating system, all information that was saved will be erased, so it is essential that you first save a copy of the data that interest (documents, spreadsheets , mail, bookmarks, etc.). because otherwise, have operational again, but no data!. The programs invariably have to reinstall your original disks.

What happens when the year ends?

According to information from the manufacturer, when the period starts the operating system automatically shut down every 2 hours for several days and subsequently unusable computer. At that point, will be released on Windows 7 and will probably install it again but no expiration date.

But how does it work? I've been using a beta version since January and have had nothing but good experiences. No doubt spoiling is learned and after what happened with Vista, the Redmond giant undoubtedly learned his lesson. Could you give it to install Windows 7?