Friday, December 4, 2009

How To Create Screenshots Selective in Windows 7

Every day I find more things for Windows 7 that are very, very well. One is the possibility to cut sections of the screen and save them in an image.

Before, every time I wanted to do the same, I had to capture the entire screen with the key "impr pag", then go to Paint, paste the image and cut it by hand. But now things are much easier to use "haircuts" that incorporates Windows 7.

Let's see how this new utility functions:

To open the program, we give the start menu (or the Windows key with almost all keyboards) and typed "cuts."

We will get this window:

If now we place on arrow to the right of "new", we choose to want to cut:

Cut Free Form: Cut out a screen area that you define. Only cut what is inside the selection.

Rectangular Snip: Drag the mouse and draw a rectangle. Whatever is inside the rectangle will be your cut.

Window Trim: This is most useful for me.

Full Screen Clipping: This is not necessary to explain it, right? Trim any screen, like the button "impr pag"

I hope you be of help. A mi me is very helpful when I have to document a practice and I have to make several captures images to put them into a document. Or to write the entries in this blog.