Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Problems related to Windows 7 installation

This is the list of problems reported by users :
  1. Problems installing-31%
  2. Components or applets disappear-26%
  3. Aero does not work-14%
  4. Can not find the DVD-8%
  5. Extensions hidden (which is default in all versions of Windows) -6%
  6. Too many system images when there is a "crash" or "minidump" -6%
  7. The effect of "aero-snap" does not work-3%
  8. The iphone does not sync with Windows 7 (usually in the 64-bit version, iTunes recognizes it, but returns an error 0xE8000065) -2%
  9. Icons that change or disappear when changing the subject (Windows 7 changes the icons of "custom made" when he changes the subject) -2%
  10. Problems with the taskbar-1%
It should be noted that this list comes in the wake of calls from customers iYogi, which does not necessarily represent the problems of other users, but can not give an idea of the difficulties they are having. Another detail is that almost all these errors are actually Windows 7 makes changes in the environment and if the user is unaware of these changes may think that this is a mistake.