Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tutorial Step by Step How to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP, Vista or RC

After much reading and reading about Windows 7, might decide to take the big step and update your operating system to the latest version of Microsoft. But where to start?

Step 1: Can I upgrade, or should I install from scratch?
First things first. Like most operating systems, Windows 7 presents two methods of installation: update we already have, or install from scratch.

This guide focuses on the current operating system update, but only from those who have Windows XP, Windows Vista, or the RC version of Windows 7.

What if I have it?

If you have another OS (like Linux) or are using a very old version of Windows, then you have to do a clean install, with the corresponding disk. Copy your files to a secure environment (such as external drives or DVDs) and follow the instructions of the disc to make a clean installation.

Step 2: What do I need?
Obviously, the update files in Windows 7. The can get either in hard disk (subject to availability of the country in which they are), or as a digital download from the Microsoft website.

Step 3: Backup.
No matter what operating system you are currently with any eventuality, but better safe than sorry. So either an external hard drive, some DVDs, or perhaps storage services in the cloud, better to copy our files and keep them safe. You know, just in case.

Step 4: Now yes, upgrade.
Upgrading from Windows XP
While many use Windows XP until this time by choice, it is likely that many others have this OS on a machine a little old. So before you go out and buy Windows 7, need to ensure that your computer supports it. How? Within minutes, the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

Once we know that our computer supports it, and we have the disk or the files in our power, not a bad idea to spend an antivirus to make sure no undesirable drag files to the new OS.

The first time I did install Windows 7 on a laptop with XP. Personally, I preferred to restore XP to zero before you upgrade to Windows 7. Doing so takes a little longer, but not so long ago that clean the equipment, worth it.

Ready? Then let's the important part. We run the installer (preferably with an Internet connection, in case you need to update something in the process), choose the Custom Install option, choose the partition on which we have XP, and we "Install".

Now they'll have some time to wait. Ideal for catching up with the reading of the college or see the last chapter of your favorite series.

When installation is complete, and at the new Windows 7, you should use Windows Explorer to find the old folder with your files, and move to the new location where you want them (the structure of "My Documents" is different in XP and Windows 7). It only takes a few moments.

We're almost ready. Do not forget to update the drivers (via Windows Update) to make everything work properly.

In the coming weeks, where they are already well established with Windows 7, they can run their favorite cleaning utility to complete remove traces of the old XP.


Upgrading from Windows Vista.

Like everything in Windows Vista, the update also has its turns. In the following cases should follow the same procedure as with XP:
  • If you plan to move to Vista 32-bit, 7 64-bit
  • If you want to go from Vista Home or Ultimate to 7 Professional
  • Vista Business or Ultimate to 7 Home
  • Vista Ultimate with all other non-Ultimate version of 7.
Is not this the case? Good. So now it is a bit easier.

With our installer running, choose the Upgrade option and the same program is responsible for leaving everything in order, including files and preferences. All you have to consider is that, if they use a fingerprint reader, save the master password as the system footprint forget.

We waited a while, and when ready, we can only update the drivers to keep things working smoothly.

Usually, to enjoy Windows 7.

Upgrading from Windows 7 RC.

Like we used before the final version did not have to pay for it, Microsoft did not love the idea that you upgrade. Technically, we should buy the full version, then it can make an "upgrade" as Windows XP.

Do not relish the idea? Me neither. Luckily we have a little hack in order to benefit directly the update.

First of all we have to buy the upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate (all versions since RC is Ultimate).

Then we have to find a particular file. For that, we will copy all files from the installation disk to hard disk (instead of installing directly from him). If you download an ISO version can access the files with the extractor Windows 7. Once we have the files available to us, we must go to the source folder and find the file cversion.ini. We opened it up and change the value of the line "MinClient" from 7233.0 to 7100. Save, close, and run setup.exe from the same folder as usual.

We're going to play around a while as the Wizard does it all, and when we return, we will have the system installed officially.

Congratulations! You are ready to start exploring all the functions and features of Windows 7. I recommend you a turn for all the posts that we respect, including:

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