Monday, November 16, 2009

Panel Audio Realtek HD on Windows 7

For long time I was searching the net how to activate Front Panel Audio in Windows 7 but could not find anything, because the methods commonly used in XP or Vista did not work. I therefore encouraged to leave a small tutorial on how to do in case we have the Realtek chip. Now if we are to what it is: Although Windows 7 leaves us in many cases functional rear audio, you need to install the driver for our chip Realtek that we can download from here (not available for download in Google Chrome).

After installing the driver for going to lead us to the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Realtek Sound Manager. We will see the following panel:

Then go to "Configuring the connector" which can be found where indicated in the following image:

Then check the box "Disable the detection of the female connector on the front panel" select OK and ready!

We can use the front panel.

I remind you that this works in Windows 7 for XP or VISTA can change the procedure.