Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to optimize Windows 7

From the best profit they can talk about how to optimize our Windows 7, is Red Button, a software tool developed specifically to optimize Windows, and while not especially created for Windows 7 (also supports XP and Vista) if that is capable of giving a good help in improving the performance of our system.

I got a great experience with this optimization software, so you see unlike the vast majority of maintenance programs paraWindows, Red Button does not have a graphical user interface very attractive but this does not lower power. It offers a multitude of options organized by tabs to properly configure the system, although its use is recommended for middle-level users expert.

Red Button The program offers more than 80 adjustments. Classified into three groups: 38 settings are related to the processor and RAM, 37 optimized / remove components of the hard drive and 22 to remove unnecessary files from the system.

With Red Button only need to choose what they want to apply and press the red button. Now then, as in the case of real red button, one must know what you're playing.