Monday, July 13, 2009

Daemon Tools in Windows 7

Today I will take a "solution" to something that has been giving me some other headache!

It is now my operating system Windows 7 (such as evaluation copy, anyone can download, is running until July 2010, I remember) for about problemillas I had on my pc, and on another occasion to tell you xD. The issue is that once I installed Daemon Tools, the following occurs: entry tells me that there are compatibility issues, which I ignored (in most cases nothing happens, as in the other partition Magic 8 destroys the hard drives you ..), it is the first part of the installation correctly, so far in asking to restart, perform, and here is the problem, the installation starts again from 0.

Not really the reason this happens, but I need an editor for cd / dvd, because I have almost everything from. Iso, because I found another program called Virtual CloneDrive, also free, and it works wonders for one thousand