Friday, July 10, 2009

Windows Mail, Set up Email Accounts on Windows 7

Since the arrival of Windows Vista, Microsoft changed the traditional manager-mail, the new Outlook Express, Windows Mail is still on the new Windows 7.

But unlike previous versions of Windows, the system does not automatically placed on a program icon on the desktop or quick launch bar, with plenty of users who are unaware that there is still a mail manager that is installed by default with the system.

For those who still have not found the route is Start, All Programs, Windows Mail, then took a shortcut that place where we like and what we have at hand.

In Windows Mail, there are slight variations to the configuration of Outlook Express that we already saw in the manuals to set up Hotmail and Yahoo, but more the interface than anything else.

But for those who remain, or have created a new Hotmail account and want to download mail to your PC, taking advantage of Microsoft decided to support POP3 to Hotmail free email, we have prepared destroyerweb manuals on setting the manager Windows Mail with email accounts and more used to offer POP3 or IMAP support:
  • Windows Mail to Yahoo.
  • Hotmail with Windows Mail.
  • Windows Mail with Gmail.
And if you prefer to use a much more secure software, here is a complete manual of Thunderbird, which is even older version, it is perfectly valid.