Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Microsoft will launch a music service to compete with Spotify

Given the success that was popular with his Spotify music service, Microsoft has announced that its plans are to launch a music service similar via streaming, with which users can share music online, access information and to download albums Payments content.

The information has come from the mouth of Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN, "Music is an important area for Microsoft. We are looking at launching a music streaming service so prominent. " Without giving many details explained that although it is believed that the service will adopt similar policies to Spotify, still is reviewing the business model works best. Even an option is included in the service of Xbox. Although not yet know the model of service, which Microsoft is betting to have early to late this month, yes yes, the end of July.

So we look forward to this new release and hope that is also accessible from the southern hemisphere. Meanwhile I would like to remind you that the service Spotify is an application used to listen to music via streaming for free if users accept advertising inserted every half hour. Otherwise, listen to music and view information for each artist, album and group without the annoying advertising license must pay a U $ S16 a month.

We will see what Microsoft acquires mode, if similar to that applied for the Xbox, it will have to pay for better service.