Thursday, July 2, 2009

Features of Windows 7 Security

The security features of Windows 7. Among others speaking of encrypted hard drive using BitLocker, Applocker to control applications, Home Insurance Operating System, etc.. Here I have the list of items that can be read:
  • "Unclonable" RFID - a technical overview
  • Secure development principles
  • Q & A: Ron Gula on Nessus and Tenable Network Security
  • Establish your social media presence with security in mind
  • Malicious PDF: Get owned without opening
  • Review: IronKey Personal
  • Windows 7 security features: Building on Vista
  • Using Wireshark to capture and analyze wireless traffic
  • A historical perspective on the cybersecurity dilemma
  • A risk-based, cost effective holistic approach to security