Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Windows 7 Ultimate Test Drive

I recognize that the moment I'm excited, because Vista came preinstalled on my laptop and went fatal. In a rush I got fed up and format the computer, installing XP Professional, so far today is the best system I worked on all my computers. The only problem was getting drivers for the laptop as in the manufacturer's website only showed support for Vista and it cost me enough to make it all work and no way some detail, how to get the integrated webcam does not show the image upside down.

Well, focusing on the issue, has fallen into my hands recently, a 32-bit Windows 7 Utlimate, which has prompted me to reformat the laptop and now begin to experiment with the new operating system.

For the moment I can only comment that the installation was simple sea and the first start I noticed that 90% of the hardware was correctly recognized, a small little problem with the Wireless network card, the "damned" I did what WebCam same graphics card and was recognized as standard and it looked good but does not allow the proper implementation of the nonsense AERO graphics as included in Windows 7. With a few short visits to manufacturers address these issues and now I can read here ...

All properly installed and Windows 7 gives an assessment of performance of my 4.8 system.