Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mode XP: What you need to switch to Windows 7

One of the interesting things that was brought Windows 7 compatibility mode with Windows XP. That is, until now, only the lucky few could use as a specific hardware needed to secure utilizarlo.De, many users of Windows 7 were a little disappointed after discovering that the famous "XP mode" would not work on computers did not comply with requirements of advanced hardware. Specifically, the XP mode required that we had a processor with hardware accelerated virtualization (Intel VT or AMD-V). Thanks to an update that is history, because now we can use the XP compatibility mode if your hardware is not compatible, bony, purely by software. This would be essential to have an original Windows license and download the parcheLa update is compatible with versions of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of both its 32 and 64 bits and is available in several languages including Spanish.

  • What is the mode in Xp Windows 7
  • What processor supports this technology. (And the new processors that supports the latest update from Microsoft that does not require hardware virtualizaciĆ³nn)
  • How to Download Mode Xp,
  • Installing the XP mode, and Virtual PC and the update (for processors that were not supported).
  • We'll see how Hair XP in operation and the advantages and features.