Friday, May 7, 2010

Step by Step How to Install Windows 7 From Flashdisk/USB Drive

Given that today has become fashionable netbooks and they lack the reading unit for CDs or DVDs, there is a method that Microsoft offers in which we can install any version of the acclaimed Windows 7 using a USB stick and not have any pain in the head when you can reformat the computer.

This method is also valid if, for example, does not want to burn a DVD for an installation on our desktop.

We need:
1 x Pendrive 4GB or More
1 x Application Windows 7 USB / DVD
1 x ISO variant you want to install Windows 7

* Install the application (Next, next, next ...)
* Booting Windows 7 USB / DVD
* Find the ISO of Windows 7
* Insert a USB stick
* Give USB Device