Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anti-spyware free for Windows 7: SpyBot Search & Destroy

Security in Windows 7 is a topic that is important, as well as performance, and all the features in the new Microsoft system. A couple of days try a free antivirus for Windows Seven, the classic and AVG AntiVirus.

Continuing with this theme, let's try an antispyware that works in Windows 7 (for now at this moment I am trying, and is wonderfully), which we have already said enough on Blog Informático and feel sure there are many familiar.

We are talking about is probably the best anti-spyware program for today, many users who have good point of view: SpyBot Search & Destroy. It is free, is in Spanish, efficient and fast, lightweight, adaptable, and so on.

SpyBot Search & Destroy will also offers free updates so you're with the latest definitions for spyware and malicious files that are out there.