Sunday, June 28, 2009

Windows 7: Microsoft Reveals Pricing

Microsoft has revealed its final pricing scheme to be implemented in Windows 7. News from the most relevant compulsive enthusiasts XP users to the most sullen defender Vista.

Thus, the Redmond giant offered to those who have endured the strong refusal to give the (inevitable) jump to Vista a chance to invest about $ 120 on an upgrade to Home Premium Windows 7 from its current facility, or $ 200 for the (unnecessary ) Professional label, or feel like burning our money, we can go for the whole of the $ 220 and Ultimate. The respective complete copies (non-OEM) of Iran are the shelves for about $ 200, $ 300 and $ 320 USD.

Adjusting the belt a little longer to tune in to the current economic climate and hectic season premiere, Microsoft plans to offer "discounts" as requested in advance. A limited supply in the upgrade program will provide the Home Premium and Pro versions for just $ 49 and $ 99 respectively. In addition, leading the campaign against the distribution of the new Microsoft OS the aggressive approach of "pre-replacement October 22" of the distributions of Vista OEM manufacturers like Dell, HP and Acer.

However, the announcement has curiously omitted to mention the costs of the Starter and Home Basic versions (or "Third World" and "Netbooks" literally). This is the last bastion that MS has to conquer if it is intended to infer the market with Windows 7. And that is today the reality is that, whether for economic Armageddon or misinformation appellant as both companies have kept loyal fans make the jump to Vista as if it were the plague.

And then there are Linux and Apple. The first to take advantage of the decline in the popularity of the operating system and the incessant bombardment of netbooks that we suffer every day, which has some advantage without rancor in a move that apparently has paid off. Apple, meanwhile, has a Snow Leopard a few simple $ 30 USD up his sleeve ... but of course, is but one way to entice those who are not in the camp.