Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EnhanceMySe7en: Optimizing and upgrading of Windows 7

A few months ago released the successor to the (failed and criticized by many) that many yearn not exist, Windows Vista. We are talking about Windows 7, is the new challenge for Microsoft, which highlights the speed of the system, and other items.

EnhanceMySe7en is a good free application designed only for Windows 7, now I see available in English, the installation file occupied 10.5 MB, which does mean a lot to some. It has a very intuitive interface and easy to use.

Specifically EnhanceMySe7en has different applications for the optimization and maintenance as well as customization of the new Windows 7, the utility is complete, it has several application modules needed for some tasks.

The list of applications included in EnhanceMySe7en is:
  • ID running process in Windows
  • Manager of programs that start with Windows
  • Cleaner and Optimizer System log
  • Cleaning hard drives, improving Windows
  • Defragmenter and reorganized the system registry
  • Hard disk defragmenter
  • Monitor hard drives
  • Security tools, system and network
  • Module to change security settings of Windows
  • Optimization and customization of the total system
And much more because EnhanceMySe7en is so complete that it seems to me that there should be equivalent in Windows XP, although it is clear that it will be, but not so strong and that the stability of this program. It's an excellent fellow!