Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Does My Computer Support to Install and Run Windows 7?

This question is will become more aware of a new Windows 7, which incidentally is now available in Spanish, soon we will be outlining new developments, but has not given much time. Well, back to the topic of the question, how would you respond?

Quite simple: Microsoft gives us the solution. The case that Microsoft took out of a special application to diagnose whether a computer can handle Windows 7, generating different hardware diagnostics. If we can not recommend upgrading.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is the software in question. While checking a tough time significantly, which shows the expected results, based on the main system requirements: CPU speed, RAM, hard drive space and if your PC can run Windows Aero without any problems. It's fast and simple is all.

Supposedly, Windows 7 is a refined version of Windows Vista that aims to go beyond the classical commentaries against Vista, due to its high resource consumption and ultimately, hopefully continue on the same wavelength going so far: very effective!