Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seven tricks with Windows 7

Manage windows. Windows 7 simplifies the handling of documents and software stack to allow a window or resize it with a simple mouse gesture or a shortcut. To stack a window in one half of the screen and drag left or right and resized to fit the size of half screen. To change the vertical size of a window is dragged to the top to enlarge or click double click on the top of the window or at the bottom to maximize vertically keeping the same width.

Move between program windows. If you are using multiple files with the same program, such as several documents with Microsoft Word, Windows 7 lets you move among these windows with ease. Simply press the Ctrl key repeatedly clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Each time you press the mouse moves to the next window, in the order in which documents were opened.

Screen clean and shiny - everything under control. With Windows 7 is very easy to adjust the parameters of the screen for better viewing text and images under conditions very different working environment. The laptop screen may look perfectly at the office, but darker at home. You can adjust the settings of the text and the image with two very simple functions: Setting ClearType Text and Color Calibration Screen. Run cttune.exe and dccw.exe or find them in the Control Panel.

Order and rationality to the taskbar. You can choose in which order they should appear the icons on the taskbar by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired order. And for the first five icons, you can issue with a simple key combination: either one can be opened by clicking +1, +2, and so on.

Walking the taskbar. Building Speaking of keyboard shortcuts to the taskbar, to + T is ceding control to the taskbar. The system converts the active display in the menu on the taskbar and the arrow keys can choose the application that interest us. Pressing Return is executed. Obviously, to stop working so simply press Esc
Protection with BitLocker To Go. BitLocker ® has become an essential security measure when it comes to protecting laptops. Windows 7 extends the possibilities even more security with BitLocker To GOTM functionality, which allows you to encrypt USB memory devices and external hard drives. To enable BitLocker BitLocker To Go or click the right mouse button on the drive from Windows Explorer and select "Turn On BitLocker ...". This can also be done centrally through Group Policy, so IT administrators can require that all USB memory devices is encrypted before you start recording information about them.

Your helpdesk staff: Incident Resolution Platform Windows. We are all minor problems have occurred, such as the Windows Aero desktop does not work or do not sound speakers. We need not despair even if your computer seems to engage in otherwise. Windows 7 keeps us from having to call the helpdesk for each of the problems that arise, through a feature called Platform for Windows Incident Resolution. You reach it easily by typing "fix" or "Troubleshoot" on the Start menu. The system displays a list of packages incident resolution Windows where you can choose the one that seems most appropriate to our problem solver incidents and try to solve it on their own.

And it's true, tested with Windows 7 Release Candidate.