Sunday, August 23, 2009

Windows Live Movie Maker 1.0 meets expectations

This week Microsoft has finally released the final version deWindows Live Movie Maker, which fill the gaps that had unpresentable in this Beta program, integrating almost all the functions of the Movie Maker in Vista under the new Ribbon interface (as they contábamos few days).

First, what is the most outstanding feature of "Automobile," a benefit that was already present in the Movie Maker "original" and which is responsible for automatically edit a collection of clips for a film of reasonable quality in minutes . Automobile is remarkable that now also be responsible for adjusting the length of slideshows of images to fit perfectly with the length of the soundtrack.

Contrary to what might be expected, including support uploading videos to YouTube directly, without having to install plug-ins. Before the intention of Microsoft was to offer a choice of only the native MSN Soapbox, and upload content to other services have to download the respective additions. But we know what happened to Soapbox, as Microsoft has to offer integration with at least 1 video service, YouTube has become the new kid spoiled Redmond (even so, we can always download add-ons for uploading videos to other services ).

Creating titles, credits and subtitles becomes much easier. It is no longer necessary to resort to the absurd "assistants titles" that came into Movie Maker, but can be inserted directly anywhere in the video as if it were text boxes, and then apply the corresponding effects.

Another thing that made me take a very good impression is the new way of "Storyboard" which replaces the timeline of Movie Maker classic. With the new controls on the Ribbon, you can modify the duration of clips and transitions equally accurate with the timeline, and then see the storyboard in a general representation of what you get. You can also choose the level of detail with which a time sequence of modostoryboard.

Windows Live Movie Maker can export our movies in 1080p (Full HD), 720p (HD Ready), 480p, or 320 × 240 for mobile devices, but only in WMV format (for some reason, can no longer be publishing movies in AVI) . Thing is that if we use Movie Maker in Windows 7, will enjoy support for importing and editing files in H.264, XVid, DivX, AAC, among others.

A party that only leaves export video in WMV, and that there has not been much innovation in terms of transitions and effects, I think Live Movie Maker is an excellent alternative for those looking for a simple video editor and basic. It's nice to see how have managed to spend most of the functions of the old Movie Maker Ribbon intuitive interface (and even added new ones). Being made from scratch, is also much more stable and better performance than its predecessor.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Windows XP, and throw themselves under a lot of audio editing options.

It is worth mentioning that along with this final version of Live Movie Maker, has been a major upgrade for the rest of the applications of Windows Live Essentials, which particularly affects Live Mail, correcting problems with support for POP3 accounts in Yahoo and improving the performance of the mail client. Also included is a new version of Windows Live Family Safety, which integrates better with the parental controls in Windows 7