Monday, August 10, 2009

Because if you use Windows 7 ... (For Dummies)

I've been using MS windows since 1.0 ... if that blue screen of our nightmares, for those who do not know, here I leave a wiki link to know what's that, up to 7, and I was really surprised, as much as xp, anyway I do not want to talk about the history of Windows, but because they use Windows 7.

We all know that the light was simply a mistake for Bill and his henchmen, fortunately not a long time to realize (in time microsoft XD), because of its constant crashing system to work in a nightmare, so many professionals , students and businessmen decided to moved back a step back to XP, so we left without appreciating some of the new technologies while ensuring that our everyday use of computers abide by our whims.

Upon hearing the announcement of his departure to the market, I imagine a light, heavier, slower, Canson (thanks to UAC), and especially that my computer does not resist change! and would have to upgrade my hardware, but to be beta tester for Microsoft, I had access to a very early first beta installed on a virtual machine and managed to give me a good impression, then I said, it will be the final version and ... I left there and then look very closely.

Although this beta have few bugs to be beta, and MS was fine and that was a good sign, when I was invited to test the RC, I decided to download it and make an update on Windows Vista Ultimate, I had on my laptop without formatting, I was clearly surprised, and I decided to tell everyone that I have found there and asked me to do this is that, and say to them seamlessly, as if it is remove the Windows folder, changed the second including the position of the icons is maintained!. Key points that I have removed the RC version for recommendation:

Entirely new, but the concept is a fusion between mac and pc, but much more versatile than the Mac dock, allowing programs to take snapshots of just put the mouse cursor over its icon.

Ease of Use
It is incredibly easy to install "From Scratch", that is from scratch, none of Format C:, or anything like that, simply put the disc, follow a few instructions and leave it there (although we have Vista), however it good news is that it has expanded its support for additional hardware and it has developed new tools for users, the search for Windows now it is useful and not eat all the resources (as in Vista), networks autoconfigurable faster (Vista also he did), a new and improved magnifiers (ugly word) which extend almost the entire screen to see the pixels! some options to show recent documents directly from the Start bar (with the right click) and others ... .

Your friendly Hardware
Incredibly fast and economic resources (for teams of about 4 years until now), its memory management is excellent, and the best part is that the DLL now if management is ineffective, and discharge when not in use. Additional to that, the best thing is to have better hardware compatibility, but watch that uses the same framework as a driver of view, does not operate in Vista, it will NOT 7!.