Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow Leopard, good for Windows 7

The new version of Apple's operating system integrates Boot Camp 3.0, the new version of boot loader and installing another operating system Mac OS X. And fortunately this version supports Windows 7. In fact the improvements in Boot Camp 3.0 will support beyond that, because among other things will be possible to access HFS + partition from Windows. The energy consumption of the system with Windows 7 is also largely unchanged from Snow Leopard.

The advent of Boot Camp in Mac OS X allowed the users who need to easily install Windows on their Macs and have a dual boot system easy.

That software has evolved and the arrival of Snow Leopard arrives has Boot Camp version 3.0, which includes very significant improvements. First is the support for the 32-bit and 64 bit Windows 7, something very interesting for all who want to work with a partition with the new Microsoft operating system on Apple hardware.

Besides that Apple wanted to facilitate the integration of both operating systems, and from Windows you can access files in Mac OS X partitions formatted with the HFS + file system typical of this operating system.

The battery life of laptops Apple has also been enhanced with the Windows drivers included in Boot Camp, and now the life of this equipment is virtually identical in Mac OS X and Windows.

Other small improvements are also part of the version, as that work better multitouch pad (now less sensitive, which is important after the mistakes of previous Windows driver). Without doubt, significant improvements that make Macs more and more new machines ready to get the most out not only to Snow Leopard, but also to Windows 7.