Saturday, August 22, 2009

Easy device management in the way of the stage devices with Windows 7

Remember that in Vista the way it was a troublesome task and getting it to recognize the external devices such as printers, phones and digital cameras? Well now in Windows 7 is a cool feature called Device Stage that lets you easily view and manage all your external devices to a ground.

Using Device Stage

To verify the digital devices you have connected to your PC go to Start and devices and printers.

This opens a well-established visual of all devices connected to your computer.

At the start it shows that you can click on the message about how to obtain device information from the Internet. This will keep devices up to date with the latest information and drivers.

Fresco is the first time you connect a Windows 7 install device drivers almost instantly.

After connecting the device with which you can see in the taskbar where you can float on it to get a nice picture of him and some limited information. For example I plugged in a Creative Zen and you can see how much life is left on the battery and the amount of free space on it. You can also right click on the device and access to certain controls as well.

Now when you click the device you are presented with an easy to navigate through the control panel lets you manage to type the configuration and characteristics of the device.

Here is a picture of a printer connected and you can see there are a lot of options for management.

It is up to the hardware manufacturer to determine if your device is compatible with devices Stage. The way to determine this is to simply connect the device and see if it opens the stage devices. All new connected devices that were recognized, some with more features for managing them than others, this is again to the manufacturers and the firmware installed. This new feature is a great way to get their devices working without having to deal with the installation of drivers.