Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snow Leopard ready before Windows 7

The company announced it will release its new operating system, rather than their competence.

The latest generation of Apple operating systems, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, will be available in the market on Friday 28 August, as announced by the computer company.

And although the Snow Leopard was intended to go on sale in September, it will be advanced at least a week schedule.

The Snow Leopard is to update the latest operating systems, Mac OS X Leopard.

"Snow Leopard operating system supports most successful in our history and we are pleased to offer to users ahead of schedule," said Apple.

Notably, the Snow Leopard is released before its rival, Microsoft Windows 7, to appear in the market in October.

Meanwhile, the characteristics of this new operating system, according to Engadget, are:

Framework multi-touch: A new library to take advantage of multi-touch features of the system. Apple provides that all laptops have a multitouch trackpad sooner or later, so it occurs earlier mark to market.

Tools help texts: We see improvements in the spell checker as well as deliver new functionalities abbreviations insertion of self-correction of malformed words and improvement in the drafting of pleadings.

Auto-activation of sources: The sources are obtained from the automated system as already happens in some applications the current Leopard.

Support ZFS file format Sun's ZFS in Snow Leopard will be supported, both in reading (as is supported on Leopard) and writing