Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nvidia Drivers for Windows 7

While this news is not very new, not more comment from the output of the beta versions of Windows 7, to work for Nvidia drivers for this operating system. Both Microsoft and Nvidia, it is expected a higher performance graphics with this operating system for both games as tools for design professionals to the new Microsoft operating system includes new version of DirectX, version 11, because we have the version 10 .

By the time the game industry there is no game that uses all the advantages it provides us with DirectX 11, because so far most have been developed for DirectX9 and DirectX10, but still these games within Windwos 7, could esperimentar an improvement in the quality of your colors, Hase Obviously this is not just the operating system, we need a good video card that supports the system.

Nvidia has an official website with information about the performance of their video cards in Windows 7, as well as download drivers, among other things quite interesting, I invite you to visit the site and are aware of all developments that have Nvidia prepared for this new system.