Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows 7 would be the RTM build 7600

After an unexpected delay in the compilation of the final RTM (many of us had the illusion of see the list of Windows 7 on Monday) announced Wzor what this build, the 7600.
Recall that we announced the RTM for the July 13, information is left presipitadamente after the announcement of the company in Redmond which reported a major breakthrough for this Monday. And this progress was nothing more than the official beta of Office 2010, unfortunately, not the RTM of Windows 7.

Many say, and there is still hope, that we see the final build in late July, but it might be delayed.

Here is the image of the build 7600. While we are disoriented and means that a build estabamos Throughout 7264, but just remember the onset of build 7201, a day out of the RC (7,100).