Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Microsoft warning of a new security hole in Explorer

The vulnerability allows hackers to remotely control computers.

The Redmond company has to announce a security breach on your navigation tool and with it are already quite a few. The problem, which has not yet been fixed, affects users of Explorer working with the operating system Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

According to security experts say cyber criminals would have opened the gap for a week, changing thousands of pages to trick users and make them become infected. After visiting one of these sites, suggested by emails attractive, and "contaminated" with malicious hackers can remotely control their computers.

The problem, which has been called "zero-day" is related to the video section, especially when capturing, recording or playback with ActiveX and Windows Media Center. "When the ActiveX control used in Explorer it can corrupt the system state so that an attacker could execute arbitrary code," said Microsoft in a statement.

The manufacturer is working on a remedy for the violation, according to Associated Press. Meanwhile recommends disabling some of these problems, which is possible through the Microsoft home page on the Internet. It is unknown when the number of teams that could have been infected.