Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Windows 7 Tips: Add a "Quick Start" on the Taskbar

From now on we will bring tricks for Windows 7, to customize the most of the new Microsoft system. Today we start with a simple trick for how to add the "Quick Start" in the Taskbar system, which is not default.

Following the steps below to submit this will be achieved:

1. Right click on the taskbar of Windows 7
2. Then in the "Toolbars", "New Toolbar ..."
3. Access to the folder:
% appdata% \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch
4. Select "Select Folder"

Once you have the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7 we can choose to customize the layout of it (put it on the left as usual), remove the titles of each icon and finally, we can do whatever we want with it.