Monday, July 27, 2009

Migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7

I remember when it was launched, Aero my attention, but his re resource consumption was too high, so I was one of his detractors, I started using it because it came installed in the laptop and I wanted to give him one more chance before back to my reliable Windows XP.

However, I have never changed, not so much because they believe that Windows Vista had dramatic improvements, in fact, I had several compatibility problems with some solutions that were already in operation, the reason why I stay with Vista is because I used to him, besides that I also needed to test the compatibility of development programs, as several of the users served using this OS.

While Windows Vista was some improvement in its operation, it is also true that several details that existed, from my point of view, they were errors that needed to be corrected quickly, some of which were corrected during the service pack, however, many still found there, the consumption of resources.

So, when I had the opportunity to migrate to Windows 7, thanks to the beta by Microsoft and the recommendation of one of my colleagues in the community, do not hesitate even a second.

First of all we have 2 options for installation in my case, given the number of programs that I installed, I decided to make an update, which is only possible from Windows Vista

Indeed, as detailed for the update you need a minimum of 14 Gbs free, given that during the process create a temporary directory where you move your configuration data, the process is slow, in my case takes about 4 hours during which time you should not turn off the computer

The result is excellent, in my case I did not have any data loss or problems with the programs installed, before starting the Windows 7 will tell you which are incompatible and whether there are new updates whenever you have internet connection

Another interesting thing, all the drivers admitted that they used only necessary to upgrade the video card

A small detail is that, finally, the bug was with the network connections has been fixed in Windows Vista was terribly annoying

Indeed, after installing, you are not forget to activate Windows 7 via the Internet, or you will be effective only for 30 days