Thursday, July 9, 2009

RTM Windows 7 on July 13

Confirming the date of July 13 for the release of version RTM (release to manufacturing) of Windows 7. This is the final version for which there will be no major changes until the final version. The date coincides with the world fair of Microsoft partners to be held in New Orleans and will begin precisely on the 13th. That same day RTM Windows 7 could be available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, and may appear later in P2P networks.

Microsoft is finalizing the setting up of the launch of Windows 7 before summer. After communicating the decision to sell Windows without Internet Explorer 7 in Europe and to publish their pricing and promotions, it is the turn now to finalize the code. Version RTM (Release to Manufacturing) is the penultimate step, the main points of the system already in place and only a few remaining loose ends and correcting errors.

We already know the plans of Microsoft via the web Wzor always informed, but now we get confirmation through GeekSmack: the release date of the RTM will be July 13. The distribution of this release, however, be much smaller. Only provide the partners and through the MSDN and Technet for premium users.

The launch coincides with the first day of the conference of Microsoft partners in New Orleans, now that the Redmond company most likely to build a distribution and show the first changes to the RTM fanfare. No breakthroughs are expected in this version, as seen in the build that have appeared on P2P networks, but a higher processing speed and compatibility.

Most likely in mid-July and be able to find copies on P2P networks in the RTM, but it is also possible that Microsoft in this case more carefully, since the RTM is much closer to the final version is not known and possible revocation . Meanwhile, the beta version has already stopped working and RC1 installed on many computers in the world fail to do so next year.