Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windows 7 is ready, continues its path in October

Ignoring what could suggest the grandmother, the rumor on the web is that Microsoft will now culminated in the development process of Windows 7 in just a week and start with the raw copy (and any division) in your system operational in just a matter of days.

NeoWin citing "sources close to the company," which, incidentally, appear to coincide with early rumors suggest that the new operating system from the Redmond giant phase will reach its RTM (release-to-manufacturing) this particular July 13.

Prove to be true, Windows 7 is ready to prove to the masses at this very moment, however, Microsoft plans there is no intention of releasing anything more than this Win7 until October 22, something that does not sound fetched at all (if we report the view of gold production reached in November 2006, only to debut some three months later, in February 2007).

Moreover, since the differences between this version (RTM) and the final product is almost zero, is (very) unlikely to hear anything new regarding the Release Candidate now pervades the torrents and downloads from Microsoft's channel, not at all . However, NeoWin said that the members of TechNet and MSDN and found some partners will have opportunities to put their claws into the "new version" for evaluation (ie, to ensure compatibility of third party software and hardware drivers certain scenarios).