Sunday, July 12, 2009

Microsof Gazelle

Following the announcement of Chrome OS, rumors of a Microsoft product that would compete with Google operating system have not stopped. Much has been made of an application called "Gazelle", but details are scarce.

At first we heard that Gazelle is an OS-function browser (as has been said about Chrome OS), but it seems that the reality is different. As we understand, this is a super-secure browser, with an operation similar to Chrome. Like the Chrome browser (not the OS), divided in different work processes. The difference is that open a new process for each element on a page, not only for each page. In this way, each server that this content be isolated from the rest of the operating system and applications. Gazelle also have a central kernel, and so the project has been confused with an OS.

It should be clear stay running under Windows, and the machine remains the Trident rendering in IE. Anyway, for now Gazelle is only a draft, and there is a chance that never comes to light, but Microsoft has the last word.