Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Windows: Reveals the shortcuts (hotkeys) active

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows is very useful because that way we work as fast as possible. me in particular I love using keyboard shortcuts as possible of the times. I have always known that I need to know yet.

However, this situation (which I am still missing many shortcuts to know) is over. Not by magic, but I found ActiveHotkeys excellent free program in English that shows which key combinations (or shortcuts) are enabled in Windows.

ActiveHotkeys shows in its interface what all these hotkeys are active. The software works as follows: you have a panel on the left, choose which keys you want form the combinations you want to find out if it got the hotkeys working or not. In the right panel show the results then.

Ultimately ActiveHotkeys is completely free, by the way that is fully portable, so it does not require any installation. Play with the combinations is not difficult, it's a matter of trying to go with the various keys to see which one suits us.