Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enable Stereo Mix in Windows 7

Well, I'm very keen to capture both images and video applications and especially the site where in theory "can not download or not without paying and I do not have a severe pos ... both Windows XP and Windows Having had a wonderful setting that lay in capturing "burn" all the sound that went through my PC, as bone was listening at that point and not the default sound capture the microphone. Then the other day, enjoying my wonderful Windows 7, I realized that it did not sound input "mixed estuary" and could not activate it by the media not normally used earlier, I was rather surprised that I quickly went to googling Ratej to see if one solution to my problem was and what was my surprise that did not seem to have a solution! :-O. According to internet sources implanted Windows 7-style copy protection DRM that prevented such use of my sound card, I could not believe the wonderful Windows 7 that until then I had worked 100% I had failed ...

I told myself that if it was by means ... "legal" would be by more piratilla, computer, call it what you want, but had to activate this function, needed her. So after reading a lot at very high hours of the morning, all I found was a phrase indicative that said, "look on page official Realtek drivers.

Do not occur to me until now everything worked perfect without updating drivers when I installed my Windows 7 solito install necessary drivers and I had not seen the need to look for me or update them, but this time I said Let's try.

Effectively locate the drivers for my sound card, download them, update and voila! appeared to me the happy option of "stereo mix" and the world smiles back to me, and I was relieved to think that it was a ploy by microsoft, but my carelessness for having no official drivers I guarantee all the possibilities of my hardware.

and here's the solution.

  • Download official drivers for High Definition Audio Codecs from Realtek
  • Install the "setup.exe"
  • Restart the computer (not necessary but recommended)
  • open recording devices
  • Right-click in the white area and check "Show Disabled Devices"
  • You will see "stereo mix" and put pressure on him right post and then "activate"
  • Finally select the entry "stereo mix" and click on preset "default device"
  • And we have activated the recording of any sound passing through your PC.
As we see it is a drawback of Windows 7, if not a disadvantage of not using the drivers from the manufacturer and if the generators.