Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Configure Wireless Network in Windows 7

The use of laptop and netbook computers in homes, has meant that users need a network infrastructure which is independent of the cable. To do this, we can use wireless devices via USB and configure a wireless network in Windows, so we can access the Internet from any room in the home or office.

To configure a wireless network in Windows 7, need to install the drivers from the wireless device and access the Windows Control Panel 7.

Ways to install the drivers
Once inside, we click on Network and shared resources, and finally, Connect to Network

At this point, see as shown in the bottom right of the desktop Windows 7, a number of available wireless networks, and must identify our own. Now click on connect, and immediately we ask an assistant network key access to our network.

Our password to authenticate, Windows 7 automatically connects your computer to the network, and therefore at this point where we can start surfing the Internet.