Monday, December 21, 2009

Step by step Install VMware on Windows 7

VMware has released the latest version of the virtualization solution, Workstation 7 product which now includes support Windows 7 and complete all of the Aero deWindows.

Previously described all the features of VMware Workstation 7y now proceed to install Windows 7 Ultimate.

The steps to install Workstation 7 is a few easy, but before you install a program that emulates and virtualization or otherwise alter the computer hardware is necessary to create a restore point in Windows 7 to return to it if you have unexpected problems or significantly affecting computer performance.

Now let's see how:

- Click the Installable VMware Workstation 7
- Click Yes when the window User Account Control to display the warning
- Click the Next button located on the Welcome screen
- Select the Custom installation type Custom clicking
- If necessary, select the plug-ins for Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.. Click enNext
- Click Next after you remove or enable the check boxes to create shortcuts.
- Click Continue to start the installation
- Enter the user name, company and serial number (activation code or key) and click Enter.
- After the installation, click Restart Now
- Restart, run Workstation 7 and accept the license