Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windows 7 Starter, Hidden function

As we know, Windows 7 Starter is the shortened version of Windows 7 for netbooks, with few features cut. Now it seems Rafael Rivera, Within Windows has discovered that at least one of the functions that are disabled only found hidden.

The conclusion is that might appear other ways to activate the functions that Microsoft has hidden from the user of the Starter version of Windows 7. Has anyone managed to do with some other function?

With the arrival of Windows 7, Microsoft claimed to offer an operating system that worked without problems in the portable type Netbook. For this type of equipment offers the Starter version, a type of system that has some features disabled, such as the possibility of changing the wallpaper and others, such as Ad-hoc networking. It is wireless point to point established between two computers.

But Rafael Rivera, Within Windows blog responsible discovered that a software preinstalled by the manufacturer of a netbook networking allowed ad-hoca Despite the limitations imposed by Microsoft. In fact the boys have been tested Although the networking section of the center of networks and shared resources not see the possibility of creating an ad-hoc connection, if we write ad-hoc "in the form of the start menu can start the wizard to create this types of networks without problems.

Descubriento This highlights the possibility that some of the shortfall in the Starter version of Windows 7 are not such limitations, but simply did not appear as options in the configuration windows.