Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VMware Compatible with Windows 7 Seven

The company VMWare, in response to the launch of Microsoft's operating system, has upgraded two of its most important programs of virtualization. First, the workstation has reached its seventh instance, with a wide support of 3D graphics, and on the other, version 3 of the Fusion application for Apple computers. Both versions have something in common, and are now fully compatible with Windows 7, in versions both 32 and 64 bits. In this way, users of OS X that need a stable and compatible Windows platform in their Apple computers, can now have the latest copy of Microsoft directly at their desks, and full integration with Snow Leopard.

The arrival of Windows 7 has changed the game, and showing that falls short of the circumstances, VMWare has released updates for two of its

most important products. The Workstation version 7 features, plus support for Windows 7, vast improvements in 3D graphics support, to the point that you can run all the effects available in Windows 7, such as the Aero Peek. As if that were not enough, VMWare has stated that Windows 7 installation in a virtual environment is even simpler than in native mode. The news does not end here, since Apple platforms can also have a new version of Fusion, which integrates very efficiently to the desktop Windows 7 with Snow Leopard. Like the workstation, Fusion 3 has excellent support for 3D graphics, and even support for Shader Model 3 under DirectX 9.0c, which would allow the execution of several games available for Windows only, provided you run on a Apple system with a GeForce 8800 GT at least.

You can already test the new version here.