Thursday, July 10, 2008

Windows XP will be available for some OEM

BetaNews confirmed the fact that, despite the fact that for most PC assemblers and manufacturers supply Windows XP ended as planned on June 30, this OS is still available for producers of low-end laptops. In accordance with its plans life cycles of operating systems, Microsoft actually stopped selling XP to OEM and retailers on Monday, but with some “exceptions”, which Microsoft BetaNews reported on Tuesday evening.

As of late Tuesday, licensed copies of XP are still sold through the Internet and in stores. But then the question arises: where do they take if Microsoft ceased deliveries as early as Monday?

Exceptions affect only producers of low-end laptops, as well as some smaller PC assemblers. In addition, HR and will be available to users who wish to take “firm” program Microsoft, to move from a prepaid newest operating system on its old version.