Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Microsoft E3 conference : For Gamer

The MS E3 conference hit the internet with all the force and verve of an octogenerian carrening her motorised cart into the magazine stand at a supermarket checkout.
First up, the good news:

* Fallout 3 gets exclusive downloadable content.Thats great!! now if only half of the sweaty palmed troglodytes who populate xbox live KNEW what Fallout was, we’d be excited.

* Gears of war 2 will kick your faces ass.We all know Gears 2 is going to rock harder than a Slayer gig. We didnt need E3 to tell us that.

* Fable 2 will change the way you play games forever.No, it wont, That just what that cockmuncher Peter Molyneux wants us to think. It will be good, though.

* Final Fantasy XIII WILL be on 360.Oh yeah!! this is the big one!! PS3 is doomed!! Oh..shit…FF games havent been any good since X. Ah well…