Sunday, January 31, 2010

Download ReadyBoost for Windows 7

Many times we wait for our team especially the notebook will be thinking more of the account due to lack of memory, windows 7 comes ReadyBost a complemeto included in Windows Vista for its architecture but gave no further results with the new version from microsoft this change.

The ReadyBoost is a component included in the operating systems that aim to improve the performance of our PC, using flash memory (SD cards, USB keys, and the like) as a space to store temporary data.

Flash memory, or solid state, such as USB sticks or SD cards are faster than a traditional hard drive, so that, by devoting as a USB device for ReadyBoost. Now, this is not a replacement for more RAM because the speed of writing / reading is much lower (remember that the RAM operates similarly, is a temporary space where programs store their data in order to load more faster) but definitely ReadyBoost can improve the performance of a PC with 512MB or 1GB of RAM.

Another benefit to using ReadyBoost, especially in netbooks and laptops, is that by having less time to search and serve as temporary storage for some programs, access to the hard disk is smaller, so battery consumption, theoretically, decreases.

Not all USB drives work with ReadyBoost. Or rather, most works, but to take maximum advantage, it is important to note:
  • Having a USB at least 256 MBs. One of 2 GBs or more fulfilled the task very well.
  • Windows 7 may use up to 8 devices (eg: 4 USB sticks, SD cards 4) for a maximum of 256 GBs
  • The appliance must have an access time of 1 ms or less (most recent USBs meet it).
  • Must be capable of reading speed of 2.5 MB / s, and 1.75 MB / s write

  • Connect the USB device to your computer.
  • Drive Unit fence on your panel.
  • Right Click> Properties.
  • Select the ReadyBoost tab
  • You have 2 options for its dedicated functions only use the device or the desired amount (if you have a fence Drive 16GB or more obio be shared and only use 4 GB)
  • An activated see this drive will create an archive of selected size to enable ReadyBoost
  • Usually, you will get significant improvements in the performance of your PC.
This will not bring the same difference as, for example, doubling the RAM in our PC. But ReadyBoost improves load times, especially heavy programs and, as I mentioned, if you have a netbook or laptop with 1GB of RAM or less, definitely will see the benefits that brings ReadyBoost. If you have 4Gbs or more of RAM, not bothering to turn on ReadyBoost (unless it is common for you to open multiple programs that end up swallowing heavy all the available RAM in the system), but if they are currently suffering with 512 or 1 GB, ReadyBoost is an alternative.